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Id' also like to find out more about incorporating one of the below add ons to this product:

Our Bluetooth integration uses simple voice instructions for guests to easily connect to their devices. Optional water resistant tent cards with operational instructions are available and can be branded to be cohesive with the hotels artwork. The power of music at your guests finger tips. See Spec Sheet Here

Add a charging shelf or USB outlets to any of our mirrors. A relaxed guest is a charged guest!

Add defogger pad to any mirror to eliminate fog when the shower or tap steam up the guest bathroom. These defogger pads can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to better suit the vanity they are intended for. Download specs here

Add a dimming feature for guests to control the brightness of the mirror. You’ve designed the room, they can set the mood. See Spec Sheet Here

Multiple light outputs allow guests to select the perfect light option for their every move. From a high of 6000K down to 2700K, the light output can be adjusted to capture the lighting inside, outside or at night. See Spec Sheet Here

Add a motion sensor to any of our mirrors or makeup mirrors or select a control system to be installed separately to the mirror. Save energy and surprise and delight your guest. See Spec Sheet Here

Add a nightlight so your guests can navigate easily in the dark. Select from a motion sensor or hard button on the mirror face, and select the color or temperature of light. Your guest will thank you when they aren’t feeling for the light switch in the middle of the night. See Spec Sheet Here

Add an optional UV light that effectively eliminates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and mold.